Water purifier rent services
Aqua Grand

Golden plan

Best for middle class faimly
300 Monthly
  • Simple
  • RO
  • UV
  • UF
  • Copper
  • TDS Controller
  • 5 Stage
  • Mineral Cartradge
New Aqua grand+

Diamond Plan

Feel Luxurious
350 Monthly
  • Luxury
  • RO
  • UV
  • UF
  • Copper+Alkaline
  • TDS Controller
  • 8 Stage
  • Mineral Cartradge

Term & conditions

  1. The company should deposit ₹ 2000 such security fee from you,
    which will be refunded to you at the end of the service.
  2.  RO will be installed in your house within 3 days of selecting any plan
  3. Before starting the service, all your documents will be verified by the
    company and all your data will be kept safe by the company, any kind
    of miss will not be used.
  4. It is mandatory to take a service plan of at least 1 year, if you cancel
    the plan in the middle, then ₹ 500 To ₹ 1000 will be deducted from
    your security fee.
  5. The water from the water purifier installed by the company should
    be used only in that house that in any way that water is being used
    for any other houses or for selling it, then the company can impose a
    fine of up to 10000.
  6. The company does not guarantee to install a new water purifier
    during the service, the company will install the same water purifier
    that will be available with the company.
  7. The spare parts used in maintenance and service will be decided by
    the company on which spare parts to use.
  8. If the company wants to stop someone’s service, then it is not
    obliged to give any kind of notice, it can stop the service of anyone
    without informing.
  9. Three services will be provided by the company in 1 year and 3 extra
    visits will be given.
  10. If the customer is repeatedly calling the technician unnecessarily, the
    visit will be chargeable.
  11. You can come through the cancellation process for free within 5 days
  12. If you are using or want to use our service, then it is mandatory to
    agree to all the above conditions. Please read these terms carefully.